This article is based on impulse 1.8.



Signal viewer for digital (vcd) and analogue (tabular) wave files and the impulse trace format.


impulse essentials +  all supported formats, external interfaces (ports), extension toolkit and productions.


impulse base + charts, diff and printing.


impulse analyze + signal editor and all output formats

Commercial usage 5€/month + tax 15€/month + tax 25€/month + tax
90 days Test License Request Request Request
Non-commercial usage free free free
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Volume/Site Licenses

impulse essentials

impulse essentials

Volume licenses Site license
No of licenses Costs [per month + tax] Site staff [<=] Costs [per month + tax]
1 10 45€ 1 10 40€
2 20 80€ 2 20 70€
3 50 190€ 3 50 155€
4 100 355€ 4 100 275€
5 200 665€ 5 200 500€
6 500 1,560€ 6 500 1,135€
7 1000 2,940€ 7 1000 2,080€
8 2000 5,555€ 8 2000 3,845€
9 5000 13,155€ 9 5000 8,925€
License extensions (base, analyze, design): 25% off

impulse base

impulse base

Volume licenses Site license
No of licenses Costs [per month + tax] Site staff [<=] Costs [per month + tax]
1 10 135€ 1 10 125€
2 20 250€ 2 20 210€
3 50 575€ 3 50 465€
4 100 1,070€ 4 100 830€
5 200 2,000€ 5 200 1,500€
6 500 4,685€ 6 500 3,405€
7 1000 8,820€ 7 1000 6,250€
8 2000 16,665€ 8 2000 11,535€
9 5000 39,470€ 9 5000 26,785€
License extensions (analyze, design): 25% off
  • Signal Viewer
    powerful waveform viewer and analyser tool
    Wallet Editor
    configuration (views, plots, serializer,..) exchange
    Script Editor
    editor for script productions and recJs files
    Diff Viewer
    diplays the difference of two wave files
    Signal Editor
    create. modify and export signals
  • Core formats
    recMl/recMZ (Generic Signal Record Formats (xml/compressed))
    see details
    Core Trace formats
    flux/recTr Trace Record Format
    see details
    Core Script format
    recJs Script Record Format
    see details
    Essential formats
    VCD (Value Change Dump), TABULAR (Analog tabular format AMS)
    see details
    File formats provided by the HDL feature
    see details
    File formats provided by the Spice feature
    HSpice (tr0 format), NanoSim (Nsout format), Spice3 (Spice3 raw format)
    see details
    File formats provided by the LOG feature
    Log4j, Free pattern log formats (regular expressions),IMP ,Amalthea HTF, CSV (Comma-separated values), ...
    see details
    File formats provided by the Sigrok feature
    see details
    File formats provided by the Embedded/IoT feature
    see details
    Reader extention toolkit
    define your own formats
  • Multi adapter ports

    see details
    Core ports
    Recource, File/Pipe, Tcp, Process
    see details
    Ports provided by the Embedded/IoT feature
    Serial line, SWV
    see details
    Ports provided by the Sigrok feature

    see details
    Ports provided by the OPC/UA feature

    see details
    Synchronisation for core ports
  • Signal Scripts
    Logic Extract
    Logic Combiner
    Member Extract
    Text Filter
    Text Extract
    Production Toolkit
    define your own productions
  • Basic Signal Statistic
    Disclosure Toolkit
    add your own stastistical information
  • Marker support
    Team support
  • Logic Diagram
    Vector Diagram
    Line Diagram
    Event Diagram
    Log Diagram
    Transaction Diagram
    Gant Diagram
    Area Diagram
    Associations (Logic, Vector, Event, Gantt)
    Labels (Line, Area, Gantt)
  • Multiple Domains
    Dedicated Domain Axes
    e.g., to see the total and a snippet, side by side
    Value Axes
    Multiple Cursors
    Cursor Details
    Quick Measurement
    Linear Axis
    Log10 Axis
  • Signal search/filter
    Signal pattern search
  • Free Updates

Licensing Q/A

In its basic version (the base licence), the impulse software may be used free of charge under the restrictions detailed below. The use of functionalities and user possibilities beyond the basic version of impulse requires an extended licence that is subject to a fee. You may, however, test these extended functionalities within the context of a test licence, thus verifying whether the software meets your requirements.

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impulse End-User Licence

This licence contract was formulated in the German language (see below). This English version has been enclosed for orientation purposes only. In the event of conflict between the English and the German version, the German version prevails.

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