A01 Installation

impulse can be easily installed from within your eclipse environment.

  • Installation using the "Eclipse Marketplace"

    1. Enter Eclipse Marketplace... (usually found in menu Help)
    2. Type-in impulse into the Find field and press the Return key.
    3. Click either the impuse core feature or any of the extensions.
    4. Follow the instructions of the install process.
    5. Restart, you did it !
  • Install using "Install new Software"

    1. Go to Install new Software... (usually found in menu Help) .
    2. Press "Add" and enter install location "http://update.toem.de".
    3. Select impulse plus required additional extensions and press the Next button
    4. Follow the instructions of the install process.
    5. Restart, you did it !

Adjust Heap space

The available heap space size directly affects the performance of impulse - especially if your are handling large signal data. To give impulse (and eclipse) enough buffers, you need to:

  • Call eclipse with additional parameters to modify available heap size
eclipse [normal arguments] -vmargs -Xmx2048M [more VM args]
  • or edit the config.ini of eclipse

You should adjust the heap at least to 2048M. I you have, give it more.

Linux Users

If you are faced with strange problems like empty menus, the GTK version might be the problem.
In most cases the problems can be solved by switching to GTK 2:

--launcher.GTK_version 2
See impulse and Linux for further information.

Documentation, Support and Feedback

Manual How-To

  • Enter your ideas, problems and proposals into our issue tracker (github)
  • Join the Impulse User Group on LinkedIn.
  • Send an email to our support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Leave a comment on Eclipse Marketplace


Licensing: Questions and Answers


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