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toem was founded 2009 and is based in Germany near Duesseldorf. We are experts regarding eclipse tooling, efficient java, semiconductor and embedded multi-core software architectures and offer support and tools to maximize transparency and effectivity in technical domains.

We assist you to optimize your tooling, help you to design your ideas, provide individual extensions for our tools and develop individual software solutions.


The Eclipse environment solves the problem of having to maintain your own Integrated Development Environment. We support you to develop and integrate your tools and plug-ins.

  • impulse and extensions
  • Custom plug-ins and RCP applications


Embedded systems span all aspects of modern life and there are many examples of their use. As the complexity of embedded systems grows, higher level tools and operating systems are migrating into.

  • Multi-core tooling
  • Efficient Java
  • Android technical Apps
  • Test stands
  • Digital-TV
  • embedded Linux
  • Data acquisition


The complexity of today's SoC software structures has increased many folds in past few years. New methodologies have been developed to model and design these complex chips.

  • RTL/systemC tooling
  • Semiconductor prototyping (systemC)


toem GmbH
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