Getting started with flux trace

flux trace format is an open waveform/trace format targeting semiconductor and multi-core embedded system use-cases. The trace data is packed into a binary format.

Screen Cast: Getting started
with flux trace

This screen cast will help you to
  • get flux trace on your computer,
  • to build the examples,
  • to run the examples,
  • and to view the output.

1) Import the impulse extension toolkit

All flux source and all examples are available in the impulse extension toolkit. Install the toolkit together with impulse and import the plug-in as a source project into your workspace.

2) Use eclipse import to import headers and sourcs into your application

When impulse ist installed, goto to Import->impulse-> Import flux trace, select an import folder and press ok.

3) toem repos @ GitHub

Use this link to access the toem repos on GitHub.


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