Using the Multi Adapter Port

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The Multi Adapter Port and its derivatives "Multi Resource Port" and "Multi File/Pipe Port" combine multiple adapters into one port. You can present and analyze signals from multiple inputs inside of one view.

Screen Cast: Using the Multi Adapter Port


Use the Add button to add new adapters to the port. The Multi Adapter Port allows all kinds of adapters. The derived multi ports can only handle resource and file/pie adapters.

Resource/File Bases

"Multi Resource Port" and "Multi File/Pipe Port" allow to define a bases (a file system or resource folder). All inserted adapters with a relative path will use this base to determine the absolute resource/file location.
	Multi File Port { base = C:\data}

		File Adapter 1 { file = test1.dat}

		File Adapter 2 { file = test2.dat}

		File Adapter 3 { file = C:\global.dat}


 You can combine an unlimited number of different input ports. The synchronization section of the adapters allows you to synchronize inputs with different domain bases (e.g. each input has its own time base). See 11 Synchronisation.


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