impulse is a powerful waveform viewer and analyser tool, helping engineers to comfortably understand and debug complex semiconductor and multi-core software systems.

It allows the representation of a wide range of signals, and is not limited to digital and analogue signals only. Beside these two types, impulse offers transaction, event, text, log, structured, binary, image and multi-dimensional signals, supporting impressive visualization options.

All impulse components are fully integrated into the eclipse framework (Windows, Linux and OSX/Mac) and can be combined with a growing set of emerging eclipse technologies and extensions (IoT, language IDEs, reports, CM... ).

Developed to be user-friendly, impulse offers an intuitive, enjoyable and efficient path into your design domain.
impulse is not just a dedicated solution for a specific environment; it is an enabler for a wide range of domains, helping you to visualize and analyse your target in your very specific environment, open to everything and adaptable to different environments.

Install Impulse Version 1.8

Licensing: Questions and Answers


Open to everything

Signals can be read from a local resource using a growing set of data formats, or fetched from multiple external interfaces (like networks, serial interfaces, data acquisition and debug adapters).

  • Project resources and external files
  • Selected version from configuration management
  • TCP and Pipe streams
  • Read data from executables
  • Data acquisition devices

Implementing your own reader for a specific format is not a difficult job. What you need is some basic java knowledge and the following articles about extending impulse.

Highly extensible

Define your own data formats, implement acquisition interfaces, script your own specific charts, develop a dedicated data analysis or integrate a 3-D chart engine.

impulse uses the eclipse extension mechanism consistently. It is designed to be extensible in an easy way, composed to be adaptable to different environments and use cases.

If you need further support or development services, just contact us. We are looking forward to supporting you in all technical areas.

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  • Implement reader and writer
  • Selected version from configuration management
  • Signal scripts
  • Port extensions
  • Chart extensions and scripts (1.1)

Easy integration into your product

impulse can be easily integrated into your own product. If you plan to deploy impulse with your IDE or plug-ins, just contact us. We will help you to get the best out of your product.

We are actively seeking partners for joint integration, interfaces and collaborated development.

More information about integrating impulse



  • Plot/Diagram Types

    • Logic
    • Vector
      • Decimal,Hexadecimal,Octal
      • Binary,ASCII,Text
      • Index,Value Delta,Domain Delta
    • Line
      • Combined (multiple lines in one row)
      • Annotated,Interpolated
      • Linear/Log10,XY Cursor
    • Transaction
      • Multiple layers
    • Log
    • Event
    • Image
    • Area
      • Combined, Stacked, Transparent
      • Annotated, Interpolated
      • Linear/Log10
    • Gantt
      • Multi-color
    • Charts
      • Combined
      • Javascript charts
      • Extension: Nebula charts (xy, intensity)
      • Extension: BIRT charts (bar, line, radar, pie)
  • Formats

    recMl/ recMZ
    impulse main xml based signal format (un-compressed/compressed).
    recJs (Script)
    recJs files are signal script files. You might prepare signal references, define test vectors for your design or script a custom reader. Everything is based on the same simple api that is used in signal scripts and serializer.
    recTr (flux trace)
    recTr (flux) is an open trace format. Emitters can be downloaded in source form from toem git hub or imported with from eclipse.
    Scripted Reader
    Use JS scripts to define your own stream reader.
    The Verilog Value Change Dump can be seen as a standard format and is supported.
    This format is used in SystemC AMS systems. The default file ending in Impulse is ".tab".
    Test Line Reader
    Reader for debugging purpose. Extract lines from the input stream.
    Test Block Reader
    Reader for debugging purpose. Extract bytes blocks from the input stream.

    This list contains the core file formats only. Browse the impulse extensions for more.

    More about file formats
  • Eclipse

    • eclipse 3.7+/4.2/4.3+ plugin
    • Installation / Update from within eclipse
    • Full UI integration
    • Multiple Viewers (editors)
    • Integration into content management
    • Signal structures visible in project explorer
    • Preferences Pages
    • Preference export/import (wallet)
    • Marker support
    • Team support (History)
    • Undo/Redo support
    • Diff Viewer
  • Axis & Cursors

    • Supports multiple domains
      • Time,Frequency
      • Index, Volts, Amps,...
    • Multiple axes in one view
    • Multiple cursors
    • Cursor details area shows deltas
    • Quick measurements (XY) & zoom
    • Linear/Log10 domain axis (e.g frequency)
  • Ports

    Multi Adapter Port
    The Multi Adapter Port allows to combine multiple adapters.
    Multi Resource Port
    The Multi Resource Port allows to combine multiple Resource adapters. A common resource root can be defined and used as base in all adapters.
    Multi File/Pipe Port
    The Multi File/Pipe Port allows to combine multiple File/Pipe adapters. A common filesystem root can be defined and used as base in all adapters.
    Pipe/File Adapter
    The File/Pipe adapter uses a filesystem resource as input stream. The adapter can be combined with other adapters using a multi adapter port.
    Resource Adapter
    The Resource adapter uses a workspace resource as input stream. The adapter can be combined with other adapters using a multi adapter port.
    TCP Adapter
    The Tcp adapter connect to a TCP server and reads its input. The adapter can be combined with other adapters using a multi adapter port.
    Process Adapter
    The Process adapter start an application and reads its output (stdout). The adapter can be combined with other adapters using a multi adapter port.

    This list contains the core ports/adapters only. Browse the impulse extensions for more.

    A06 Ports Reference
  • Extensibility

    The extension mechanism allow users and integrators to extend the functionality by developing/ installing additional plugins.

    • Uses eclipse extension mechanism
    • Serialisation extension (to support any file format) for
      • Reader,Writer
    • Port extension (e.g. to connect a data aquisition unit)
  • Search & Filters

    • Signal search/filter
      • Regular expressions
      • Signal hierarchy
      • Deep filter
    • Signal pattern search (behaves similar like the eclipse find dialog)
      • Search expression management
      • js search expression
      • Forward/ Reverse