H21 : Interfaces - How to synchronize the data of multiple inputs

Using a multi-adapter port, you can read signal data from multiple sources in parallel. This how-to is about synchronizing the incoming signals.

  1. Open the Ports View.
  2. Add a multi-adapter port and below the the adapters for you inputs.
  3. Open the 'Synchronization' section of your adapter (most adapter have)
  4. Check the 'Enable Sync' flag
  5. Modify the default script:
    1. The script tries to locate a domain position in the input in one of the other adapters (e.g. a reset position) and sets this position as root position for the input of this adapter.
    2. The script will be continuously executed as long new signal data is received and synchronization not done (isync.setSynced(...))
  6. Start simulation.
  7. Press "Start Streaming" button in the impulse tool-bar.
  8. As long synchronization is not achieved, impulse displays a tag in the symbol of the adapter


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