H30 : Presenting - How to create line diagrams from logs

If you are using the pattern log reader:
  1. The log signal (struct type) need to have numerical typed members. In case of the pattern log reader, attach a type descriptor to the attribute name (e.g. Value<Float>)
  2. In the plot configuration dialog of log signal select the "Member Extractor" production, type-in the member name and select Float as signal type.
  3. Select line diagram.
In all other cases:
  1. You can extract numbers from any textual information using the Text Extractor production.
  2. Select Float signal type
  3. If your signal is of type struct, type in the member name.
  4. Optionally type in a filter (impulse will handle only those samples that contain the entered text)
  5. Type in the position to extract the number:
    • Type in the text before the number (regular flag not set) e.g.: 'value:'
    • Type in a regular expression and put the expression for the value in braces: '.*value\:([0-9]+).*'



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