15 Comparing signals and records

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You may be required to compare a single or multiple signals or complete records (wave files). Both can be done easily without any additional tools.

Screen Cast: 15 Comparing signals and records

Comparing records

To compare 2 records (wave files) select both files in the explorer/navigator and select "impulse->Compare with each other" in the context menu.
impulse will prompt you for comparison setting and opens a new viewer finally.

You may press the "Reload Input" button to change the options.

In the signal area of the viewer you will find the following annotations:

You may use the Diff flag in the search field to filter all changes.

The available signals in the viewer are either:

If you choose a new view, its preferable to choose a hierarchical or empty view.

Comparing signals

Instead of comparing complete records, you may want to compare signals inside of one record.
To do so, open the plot dialogue (you may take the existing plot of one of the signals or create a new plot), select "Diff" or "Delta" in the production field, check the diff/delta parameters (that will appear after selection) and make sure that the 2 signals are added as sources (if you started with the existing plot, you just have to add the 2nd signal).
The output of the "Diff" production is:

The output of the "Delta" production is the numerical delta of 2 numerical input signals (integer, float).