impulse and Linux

Usually impulse works on Linux without any problems. But there are a few cases were system library incompatibilities (GTK) result into strange problems, especially when using latest eclipse version and older linux version or vice-versa. Here it can help to force eclipse using a dedicated GTK version.


Which GTK Version do i use

In latest eclipse versions, GTK3 is used. To find out which gtk port is used in your environment, get to System Configuration (Help->About Eclipse>Installation Details->Configuration)and watch out for this line:


In this example GTK 2 was used.

How to force eclipse to use a different GTK version

#Gtk3 forced:
export SWT_GTK3=1
#Gtk2 forced:
export SWT_GTK3=0

 Or use the eclipse.ini file:

--launcher.GTK_version 2




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