impulse 2.0.x release notes


2.0.46 MAR 05th
inital stable 2.0 Release

2.0.47 MAR 09th
[BUG] Sample Table: Changed to full selection
[IMPROVEMENT] Sample Dialog/Inspector - Added multi selection
[IMPROVEMENT] Pattern Log Reader: Improved configuration dialog
[IMPROVEMENT] CDT Memory Reader: Simplified configuration dialog

2.0.48 MAR 16th
[BUG] Value cursor for log presentation not working correctly.
[BUG] Exception message when using combined Bar and Yakindu chart.
[BUG] Wallet installation on win32 used wrong target definition.
[BUG] Empty plot input keeps previous presentation.
[BUG] Link constructor used for path.
[BUG] XY chart samples parameter no influence.
[BUG] Statechart producer not working correctly in stream mode.
[IMPROVEMENT] Reader change mechanism updated.
[IMPROVEMENT] Selected line plot (combined) is painted at last; axis to the outer right.
[IMPROVEMENT] Stream mode canceling using mouse click has cleaner drawing.
[IMPROVEMENT] Faster cursors.
[IMPROVEMENT] Prepared internal format for multi-tags.
[IMPROVEMENT] Reader change mechanism updated.
[IMPROVEMENT] Updated OPC to milo 0.3.8.
[IMPROVEMENT] Smooth OPC streaming.
[IMPROVEMENT] Smooth combo composites.

2.0.49 MAR 18th
[BUG] Combo composite flickering on win32.
[BUG] Picky dependencies definitions for CTF.
[IMPROVEMENT] Wallet resource tool Powershell integration (win32).
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved painting on zoom change (delayed clear reduced).

2.0.51 MAR 20th
[BUG] Support plug-in not in feature.
[BUG] BIRT dependency not resolved.
[IMPROVEMENT] Unpage command button added.
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved stream velocity calulation for slow displays.
[IMPROVEMENT] Added @2x icons.
[IMPROVEMENT] Updated help for ports and producer.

2.1.0 MAI 11th
[BUG] Sample merger does not set index < 0.
[BUG] "Show in text editor" is not avilable..
[BUG] Filter column still visible after content change.
[BUG] Line paint with tag wrong.
[BUG] Diff view geneated wrong output.
[BUG] Record viewer shows non-enabled serializer configurations in option menu.
[BUG] F2 ist blocked when using text control in dialog.
[BUG] Sample Table find not working as expected.
[BUG] Sample Table input field show 1 more input (+1), even if only 1 is selected.
[BUG] BIRT dependency not resolved.
[IMPROVEMENT] Serializer initializer can be updated.
[IMPROVEMENT] Serializer changes trigger content identification.
[IMPROVEMENT] New struct signal tags.
[IMPROVEMENT] Multiple tag colors.
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved script content assist.
[IMPROVEMENT] Updated CSV reader supporting logs.
[IMPROVEMENT] Updated Pattern log reader.
[NEW] New XML Log reader.
[NEW] New YAML Log reader.
[NEW] New JSON Log reader.

2.1.3 MAI 29th
[BUG] Update site not enabled by default.
[BUG] Default configurations not on update site.
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved Yakindu source connection and event output.

2.1.4 JUN 10th
[BUG] Yakindu Chart and Resource Adapter dialog do not open when resource if empty
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved messages when license missing.
[IMPROVEMENT] Chart horizontal span (merged) can be controlled by item height.


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