Give the end-user the option to install impulse together with your tools.


Offer impulse as visible part of your tool suite.


Use impulse as a fully integrated part of your tool suite.
Deployment Deploy your eclipse features/plug-ins together with a reference to impulse or use the impulse install button. Deploy your eclipse features/plug-ins together with original impulse features. Deploy your eclipse features/plug-ins together with customized impulse features.
Licensing End-user needs to accept toem license conditions (eclipse install dialog) End-user needs to accept toem license conditions (eclipse install dialog or integrator install dialog) Integrator decides for licensing text, scheme and mechanisms.
Licensor (to End-user) toem toem Integrator
Costs free please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Idx Staff count (<=) Costs (+tax)
1 10 30€
2 20 55€
3 50 120€
4 100 220€
5 200 400€
6 500 930€
7 1000 1725€
8 2000 3230€
9 5000 7580€
10 10000 14290€
11 20000 27105€
12 50000 64105€

Release Notes


 [BUG 51] Special char replacement for /,\,@
 [BUG] Fixed several minor chart issues
 [BUG] Fixed name and id information in productions
 [IMPROVEMENT] New array combiner production

 [BUG 51] Finally fix name replacement (issue 51)
 [BUG] License Meta key handling    
 [BUG] Iterator nextEdge without edge detector
 [BUG] isLow() method
 [BUG] fixed samples readers attachment read
 [BUG] recMz not identified as record
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added "importPackage(java.util);importPackage(java.io);" to script init
 [IMPROVEMENT] Improved uniqueChild performance
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added samples mouse listener
 [IMPROVEMENT] Fixed/Extended SCV reader
 [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized/fixed transaction paint planner
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added associations for logs and transactions
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added content proposal for member extract, text extract and text filter productions

1.8.23 Nov 13th
 [BUG] Association curves to itself in-proper
 [BUG] Toolbar insensitivity if view not active   
 [IMPROVEMENT] Updated context help
 [IMPROVEMENT] Images for associations
 [FEATURE] Button in Sample Inspector  to jump to association target
 [FEATURE] Support button/menu
 [FEATURE] Hover for label and association labels
 [FEATURE] Bi-directional associations
 [FEATURE] Display zero size transactions as log
1.8.24 Nov 16th
 [BUG] Transaction planner shows wrong group
 [BUG] Sample dialog timer exception    
1.8.25 Dec 4th
 [BUG] Icon missing in support plugin
 [BUG] PageTable synchronisation shows exception
 [BUG] Enable (check) button in plot sources not functional
 [BUG] Hidden parameters of production not ignored.
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added symbols for CAN-BUS elements
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added p2 install location
 [IMPROVEMENT] Support menu: Added Install/Print        
 [FEATURE] New Amalthea BTF and updated HTF reader (both in beta state)
 [FEATURE] Added I2S protocol decoder
 [FEATURE] New Compare viewer
 [FEATURE] New Diff/Delta production

 1.8.26 Jan 05th
 [BUG] Wrong signal descriptor naming: gannt instead gantt
 [BUG] Can not change format in template dialog
 [BUG] recMl/recMz not working with multi-adapter port
 [BUG] Implicit templates only working for single signals
 [BUG] Transaction group in display delayed
 [BUG] Check and CheckSet Controller misbehaviour
 [BUG] Resource adapter accepts drop from any object
 [BUG] Invalid start end position if no samples
 [BUG] Fixed byte[] to string conversion
 [BUG] Write none for event writers does not work
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added additional implicit templates
 [IMPROVEMENT] Updated certificate    
 [IMPROVEMENT] OPC/UA extension update
 [IMPROVEMENT] Multiple selection dialogs with generic parameters (production, charts)
 [IMPROVEMENT] Virtual array items using member name
 [IMPROVEMENT] Virtual member for structs
 [IMPROVEMENT] Allow drop from text drag
 [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized paint planning (low memory/exception occured)
 [IMPROVEMENT] Improved sample member interface
 [IMPROVEMENT] Improved member extract production
 [IMPROVEMENT] Adapted to latest SystemView format 2.52
 1.8.27 Jan 12th
 [BUG] Invalid start end position for productions
 [BUG] null logic members in samples inspector
 [FEATURE] new DateBase domain bases (dateTime, time, timeMs)
 [FEATURE] OPC/UA to use DateBase optionally
 1.8.28 Jan 19th
 [BUG] CAN-Bus symbol id check wrong
 [BUG] Error on closing Signal Table
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added Initial 2.0 Viewer API
  1.8.29 Jan 20th
 [BUG] CAN-Bus symbol id check wrong
 1.8.30 Jan 23th   
 [BUG] Markers added while port streaming vanish
 [BUG] Certificate not accepted on osx    
 1.8.31 Mar 12th   
 [BUG] Diff production conflict domain wrong
 [BUG] Can open dialog for multiple elements of different types
 [BUG] Update problems using signal script on port input
 [BUG] native clean not working on windows (rm)    
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added additional recJs example (r09_email_generator.recJs)
 [IMPROVEMENT] CAN Dialog optimization
 [IMPROVEMENT] CAN SYM import reads enums
 [FEATURE] Peak CAN FD Adapter added
 [FEATURE] SocketCAN Adapter added
 [FEATURE] OPC/UA scripting support

 1.8.32 Mar 19th  
 [BUG] Content proposals not working in scripted reader editor
 [BUG] CAN Bus frame control is shown in non-FD devices
 [BUG] CAN Bus connect/active value not disabled
 [BUG] CAN Bus identify not functional
 [IMPROVEMENT] Changed crop text alignment
 [IMPROVEMENT] OPC/UA script can start streaming
 [IMPROVEMENT] OPC/UA endpoint selection priority on name    
 [FEATURE] Added Peak Lin Adapter (experimental)

 1.8.33 Mar 19th  
  [BUG] LIN Bus (experimental) filter mode label wrong
  [FEATURE] Added LDF Parser
 1.8.34 Apr 19th  
  [BUG] Peak CAN Bus Adapter Filter types do not match
  [BUG] CAN Bus ids overlap
 1.8.35 Mai 19th  
  [BUG] Replace depricated usleep in native extensions
  [BUG] Wrong warning "Did not receive any response" when doing CAN Bus ident  
  [BUG] Value table synchronisation fails when another viewer is in update mode
  [BUG] SWV reader sometimes fail
  [IMPROVEMENT] Launch Folder integration for Gnu MCU Eclipse

1.8.36 June 29th
   [BUG] Exceptions when running with Photon


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  • Chart
  • format styles in 03
  • reorganize howto
  • synchronisation in ports


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