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for the eclipse platform


impulse is a powerful visualization and analysis workbench which helps engineers to comfortably understand and debug complex semiconductor and multi-core software systems. All impulse components are fully integrated into the eclipse framework (Windows, Linux and OSX/Mac) and can be combined with a growing set of emerging eclipse technologies and extensions (IoT, language IDEs, reports, CM... ).

supplementary tools

flux trace

flux trace format is an open waveform/trace format targeting semiconductor and multi-core embedded system use-cases. The trace data is packed into a binary format and allows scalable compression.


flux is designed for large scale multi-core architectures.

Scalable Compression

flux is a dense binary format. Optionally you can use compression to additionally pack the signal data.

Multiple Domains

You may define your signals based on non-time domains like frequency, index, voltage, ....

for web based application

impulse@web (project)

momentum is our current project to bring the impulse Workbench into the web space. With the Eclipse Theia IDE and VSCode as our main goals (but not limited to) we implemented a pure HTML5/Javascript frontend and an impulse 2 based backend. Extension plugins will be available in 2021.

technical software and tooling


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