Pricing Options

In addition to the 3 standard models Essential, Base and Analyse, we can offer you customized solutions.

Single User Licenses

impulse Essentials


Signal viewer for a limited number of important formats:

VCD, TAB, the impulse core formats and the impulse trace format (flux).

* Limited to single user licenses.

impulse Base

15€/month + tax

Signal viewer and analyser for all supported formats and ports:

impulse Essentials + all supported formats, external interfaces (ports), extension toolkit and productions.

impulse Analyse

25€/month + tax

The complete workbench, including charts and all diagrams:

impulse Base + charts, diff and printing.

Free impulse essentials single user license key

Free non-commercial use

Subscription vs Perpetual

If you use our subscription model, you do not enter into any obligations. Licenses are typically purchased for 1 year. The license will expire after the given time frame if not extended. There is no automatic renewal.

We also offer perpetual licenses. There is no time limit on usage, but support and updates are limited to one major version (e.g. 2.x.x). The cost of a perpetual license is 24 times the monthly subscription fee.

Volume, Site and Floating Licences

For volumes and site licences, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Integrator Licences

impulse can easily be integrated into your own product. If you are planning to use impulse with your IDE or plug-ins, just contact us.

90-Day Test Licence

90-Day Test Licence Commercial users can request a 90-day licence using this link.

Request a demo to find out about all features

Talk to us about your requirements. We show you our solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a licence key?

You need a licence key for commercial use or if you want to use the advanced features. You do not need a key for non-commercial use of the impulse Base features.

Is there a test licence available?

Commercial users can request a 90-day licence using this link.

What payments do you accept?

As we only sell licences to companies (non commercial use is free), we only support bank transfer.

Is impulse a free/open source?

Non-commercial use of impulse is free of charge. A licence key is required for commercial use. Parts of the source code are open and licensed under the EPL licence.

How do I apply the licence key in my email?

  1. Copy the text block under the heading "Key".
  2. Open the preference page under impulse->Licence .
  3. Paste copied text into the upper text field.

Can I get a test licence key for a group?

Yes, please make a note of this in your application.

Where do I find the licence text?

See impulse end user licence (German/English)

Do I get a reduction for multiple licences?

For volumes and site licences, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How do I request a licence key for non-commercial usage?

You only need a licence key if you need the extended features. Please use the link below.

How do I get a licence for integration?

Please contact our team for further information on integration.
  • Basics

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    Signal Viewer
    powerful waveform viewer and analyser tool
    Wallet Editor
    configuration (views, plots, serializer,..) exchange
    Script Editor
    editor for script productions and recJs files
    Diff Viewer
    diplays the difference of two wave files
    Signal Editor
    create. modify and export signals
  • File Formats

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    Core formats
    recMl/recMZ (Generic Signal Record Formats (xml/compressed))
    Core Trace formats
    flux/recTr Trace Record Format
    Core Script format
    recJs Script Record Format
    Essential formats
    VCD (Value Change Dump), TABULAR (Analog tabular format AMS)
    File formats provided by impulse extensions
    e.g. SVDAT, FSDB, SPICE3,..
    Reader extention toolkit
    Tool to define your own formats


  • Ports

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    File/Pipe Adapter
    Reading from filesystem resources
    TCP Adapter
    Reading from tcp ports
    Resource Adapter
    Reading from eclipse resources
    Process Adapter
    Starting and reading from processes
    Multi Adapter Ports
    Combining multie ports into one
    Ports provided by eclipse extensions
    e.g. Serial line, CANBus, Memory..
    Synchronisation for core ports    


  • Production

    Essentials Base Analyze
    Signal Scripts
    Create/Derive new signals with signal script
    Logic Extract
    Extract/Swap/Invert bits of a logic signal
    Logic Combiner
    Combine loigic signals into one
    Member Extract
    Extract members from a struct signal
    Text Filter
    Filter samples
    Text Extract
    Extract textual infomration from any signal
    The delta production creates a numerical delta of the 2 input signals.
    Creates a "diff" signal from 2 input signals.
    Production supported by eclipse extensions
    e.g. YAKINDU
    Production Toolkit
    define your own productions

  • Eclipse

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    Marker support
    Add eclipse markers (Bookmark, Task, Annotation) to you signals
    Team support
    View record files from team history
    Undo your view changes
  • Plots

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    Logic Diagram  
    Vector Diagram  
    Line Diagram  
    Event Diagram    
    Log Diagram    
    Transaction Diagram    
    Gant Diagram    
    Area Diagram      
    Relation (Logic, Vector, Event, Gantt)    
    Labels (Line, Area, Gantt)      


  • Axes/Cursors

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    Multiple Domains
    Dedicated Domain Axes
    e.g., to see the total and a snippet, side by side
    Value Axes
    Multiple Cursors
    Cursor Details
    Quick Measurement
    Linear Axis
    Log10 Axis


  • Search/Filters

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    Signal search/filter  
    Signal pattern search  


  • Support

      Essentials Base Analyze  
    Free Updates  
    Email support for commercial and non-commercial users  
    Issue tracker and public source repositories  



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