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CAN-Bus and improved System-C TLM-2 support

A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other in applications without a host computer. The CANBus extension (BETA stage) enables the reading and writing of messages from several CAN bus adapters as well as the extraction and tracing of message contents such as bits, integer and text. CAN-Bus symbols can be imported from symbol files.

Additionally an updated SCV reader for TLM (System-C TLM-2) transaction tracing. impulse allows you to visualize using association curves your transactions including navigation buttons.

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  •  [BUG 51] Special char replacement for /,\,@
  •  [BUG] Fixed several minor chart issues
  •  [BUG] Fixed name and id information in productions
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] New array combiner production


  •  [BUG 51] Finally fix name replacement (issue 51)
  •  [BUG] License Meta key handling    
  •  [BUG] Iterator nextEdge without edge detector
  •  [BUG] isLow() method
  •  [BUG] fixed samples readers attachment read
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Added "importPackage(java.util);importPackage(;" to script init
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Improved uniqueChild performance
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Added samples mouse listener
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Fixed/Extended SCV reader
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized/fixed transaction paint planner
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Added associations for logs and transactions
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Added content proposal for member extract, text extract and text filter productions

1.8.23 Nov 13th

  •  [BUG] Association curves to itself in-proper
  •  [BUG] Toolbar insensitivity if view not active   
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Updated context help
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Support button/menu
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Hover for label and association labels
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Images for associations
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Bi-directional associations
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Button in Sample Inspector  to jump to association target
  •  [IMPROVEMENT] Display zero size transactions as log

1.8.24 Nov 16th

  •  [BUG] Transaction planner shows wrong group
  •  [BUG] Sample dialog timer exception    

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