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Single and Multicore Software Systems

Although multi-core processors offer high computing power, they reduce visibility and increase the error potential in software development. impulse helps engineers to comfortably understand and debug complex semiconductor systems .

Virtual Prototyping / Digital and Analogue Circuits

Virtual prototyping is often used to validate designs and enable relevant software to be implemented before a physical prototype is realized. Trace problems back to their cause and see how your components work together.

Communication Channels

Understanding the communication between elements of a system is key to understanding the system as a whole. In doing so, it is important to bundle the various communication strands. Use a variety of diagram types to display message information or utilize charts to display statistical information.

Real-World Instances

These include sensor data, such as temperature or pressure, images/videos, information relating to the position of vehicles, robots and machines, recordings of logic analysers and oscilloscopes. Quickly identify patterns and errors without having to examine large data-sets manually.

To fully understand a complex system, a combined view of its entities is required.


A growing set of data formats and external interfaces (signal ports) provide a common, transparent view of different sources. Users can read and combine multiple signal sources (traces, logs, waveforms, databases, etc.) from local resources or external networks, serial interfaces, data acquisition units and debug adapters.


A view allows you to focus on specific details or the overall picture.
Views are fully configurable, consist of easy-to-use visualization elements, and can include information from multiple sources.

Use a variety of diagram types to display signals based on multiple domains (time and frequency etc.) or utilize charts to display statistical information.


A wide range of signal calculation tools (signal production) make it possible to combine and extract signal information.
Combine signals using mathematical operations, generate references, implement protocol parsers, extract statistical informations or search for conflicts automatically.

Extend or Integrate

Open extension mechanisms offer various possibilities for adapting impulse to particular user requirements.
You can define your own data formats, implement acquisition interfaces, create your own specific diagrams, carry out special data analysis or integrate a 3D chart engine.

Open Interfaces

A consistent extension mechanism with open interfaces allows it to adapt to any environment.
Adaptable templates simplify the process of developing your own extensions.

Integrate into Your Product

Integration with external products (e.g., a customized IDE) allows seamless visualization of data, faster market access and fascinating possibilities for your customers.

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