XY02 Synchronisation Example: Synchronizing with a reset signal

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In this example, the adapter is synchronized using a signal from a different source (reset). First step is to get a signal pointer to that signal.
Then it check if the signal exists and tries to move to the first negative edge.
With reset.getPosition() it fetches the position of the edge and calls isync.setSynced.

// base: root cell of type ICell (usually a record cell)
// insertPoint: root cell of this port of type PortScope
// isync: sync interface of type IPortSync
// console: console output of type MessageConsoleStream

var reset<:ISamplePointer:> = isync.getPointer( 'wavetest\\reset_s');

if (reset != null){
    if (reset.goNextEdge( 0)){
        console.println( "Synced: "+reset.getPosition());
        console.println( "Sync not found!");
        console.println( "Signal not found!");
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