J008 Adding binary samples

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Binary signals are built of byte arrays. In this example we use binary signals to display images.

Binary Signals

In general, the binary data can be anything. If BINARY_CONTENT_IMAGE is selected, the binary data shall be in form of packed images supported by the SWT ImageLoader("WinBMP", "WinBMP", "GIF", "WinICO", "JPEG", "PNG", "TIFF", "OS2BMP") .


This is the interface:

public interface IBinarySamplesWriter extends ISamplesWriter{
    boolean write(long units, boolean conflict, byte[] value);    

The parameters have the following meaning:

No of domain units (e.g. ns)
Define this sample as a conflict one.
An array of byte


Now take a look at these examples (out of de.toem.impulse.serializer.ExampleBinaryReaderReader):

        Scope signals = addScope(null, "Signals");
        Signal image1 = addSignal(signals, "Image", "An image signal", 
                ProcessType.Discrete, SignalType.Binary, new SignalDescriptor(

To create a binary signal, you need to give the signal type SignalType.Binary and a signal descriptor with its content description (STRUCT_BINARY_IMAGE,..).

Writing an image signal

Here an example that writes png images from a a gif sequence.

        // images
        IBinarySamplesWriter imageWriter = (IBinarySamplesWriter) getWriter(image1);
        try {
            ImageData[] imageData = new ImageLoader()
                ExtensionToolkit.PLUGIN_ID, "input.gif"));
            for (ImageData data : imageData) {
                ImageLoader loader = new ImageLoader();
                loader.data = new ImageData[] { data };
                ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
                loader.save(out, SWT.IMAGE_PNG);
                imageWriter.write(t, false, out.toByteArray());
                t += 500;
        } catch (IOException e) {

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