impulse 1.8.x release notes


 [BUG 51] Special char replacement for /,\,@
 [BUG] Fixed several minor chart issues
 [BUG] Fixed name and id information in productions
 [IMPROVEMENT] New array combiner production

 [BUG 51] Finally fix name replacement (issue 51)
 [BUG] License Meta key handling    
 [BUG] Iterator nextEdge without edge detector
 [BUG] isLow() method
 [BUG] fixed samples readers attachment read
 [BUG] recMz not identified as record
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added "importPackage(java.util);importPackage(java.io);" to script init
 [IMPROVEMENT] Improved uniqueChild performance
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added samples mouse listener
 [IMPROVEMENT] Fixed/Extended SCV reader
 [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized/fixed transaction paint planner
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added associations for logs and transactions
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added content proposal for member extract, text extract and text filter productions

1.8.23 Nov 13th
 [BUG] Association curves to itself in-proper
 [BUG] Toolbar insensitivity if view not active   
 [IMPROVEMENT] Updated context help
 [IMPROVEMENT] Images for associations
 [FEATURE] Button in Sample Inspector  to jump to association target
 [FEATURE] Support button/menu
 [FEATURE] Hover for label and association labels
 [FEATURE] Bi-directional associations
 [FEATURE] Display zero size transactions as log
1.8.24 Nov 16th
 [BUG] Transaction planner shows wrong group
 [BUG] Sample dialog timer exception    
1.8.25 Dec 4th
 [BUG] Icon missing in support plugin
 [BUG] PageTable synchronisation shows exception
 [BUG] Enable (check) button in plot sources not functional
 [BUG] Hidden parameters of production not ignored.
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added symbols for CAN-BUS elements
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added p2 install location
 [IMPROVEMENT] Support menu: Added Install/Print        
 [FEATURE] New Amalthea BTF and updated HTF reader (both in beta state)
 [FEATURE] Added I2S protocol decoder
 [FEATURE] New Compare viewer
 [FEATURE] New Diff/Delta production

 1.8.26 Jan 05th
 [BUG] Wrong signal descriptor naming: gannt instead gantt
 [BUG] Can not change format in template dialog
 [BUG] recMl/recMz not working with multi-adapter port
 [BUG] Implicit templates only working for single signals
 [BUG] Transaction group in display delayed
 [BUG] Check and CheckSet Controller misbehaviour
 [BUG] Resource adapter accepts drop from any object
 [BUG] Invalid start end position if no samples
 [BUG] Fixed byte[] to string conversion
 [BUG] Write none for event writers does not work
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added additional implicit templates
 [IMPROVEMENT] Updated certificate    
 [IMPROVEMENT] OPC/UA extension update
 [IMPROVEMENT] Multiple selection dialogs with generic parameters (production, charts)
 [IMPROVEMENT] Virtual array items using member name
 [IMPROVEMENT] Virtual member for structs
 [IMPROVEMENT] Allow drop from text drag
 [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized paint planning (low memory/exception occured)
 [IMPROVEMENT] Improved sample member interface
 [IMPROVEMENT] Improved member extract production
 [IMPROVEMENT] Adapted to latest SystemView format 2.52
 1.8.27 Jan 12th
 [BUG] Invalid start end position for productions
 [BUG] null logic members in samples inspector
 [FEATURE] new DateBase domain bases (dateTime, time, timeMs)
 [FEATURE] OPC/UA to use DateBase optionally
 1.8.28 Jan 19th
 [BUG] CAN-Bus symbol id check wrong
 [BUG] Error on closing Signal Table
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added Initial 2.0 Viewer API
  1.8.29 Jan 20th
 [BUG] CAN-Bus symbol id check wrong
 1.8.30 Jan 23th   
 [BUG] Markers added while port streaming vanish
 [BUG] Certificate not accepted on osx    
 1.8.31 Mar 12th   
 [BUG] Diff production conflict domain wrong
 [BUG] Can open dialog for multiple elements of different types
 [BUG] Update problems using signal script on port input
 [BUG] native clean not working on windows (rm)    
 [IMPROVEMENT] Added additional recJs example (r09_email_generator.recJs)
 [IMPROVEMENT] CAN Dialog optimization
 [IMPROVEMENT] CAN SYM import reads enums
 [FEATURE] Peak CAN FD Adapter added
 [FEATURE] SocketCAN Adapter added
 [FEATURE] OPC/UA scripting support

 1.8.32 Mar 19th  
 [BUG] Content proposals not working in scripted reader editor
 [BUG] CAN Bus frame control is shown in non-FD devices
 [BUG] CAN Bus connect/active value not disabled
 [BUG] CAN Bus identify not functional
 [IMPROVEMENT] Changed crop text alignment
 [IMPROVEMENT] OPC/UA script can start streaming
 [IMPROVEMENT] OPC/UA endpoint selection priority on name    
 [FEATURE] Added Peak Lin Adapter (experimental)

 1.8.33 Mar 19th  
  [BUG] LIN Bus (experimental) filter mode label wrong
  [FEATURE] Added LDF Parser
 1.8.34 Apr 19th  
  [BUG] Peak CAN Bus Adapter Filter types do not match
  [BUG] CAN Bus ids overlap
 1.8.35 Mai 19th  
  [BUG] Replace depricated usleep in native extensions
  [BUG] Wrong warning "Did not receive any response" when doing CAN Bus ident  
  [BUG] Value table synchronisation fails when another viewer is in update mode
  [BUG] SWV reader sometimes fail
  [IMPROVEMENT] Launch Folder integration for Gnu MCU Eclipse

1.8.36 June 29th
   [BUG] Exceptions when running with Photon

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