Supporting the Movidius Myriad 2 Development Kit

Myriad 2 is a vision processor by Movidius that delivers high-performance computational imaging and visual awareness in severely power-constrained environments. For the latest Myriad Development Kit (MDK), Movidius has introduced new tools integrated into the Eclipse framework, partly designed and developed by toem: Trace Profiler and Graph Designer.

Trace Profiler

Trace Profiler is a tool used to visualize and merge software trace signals which are dumped into several buffers. The trace profiler is built on impulse, using a dedicated reader for the binary Movidius trace format (MTRD). The MTRD reader uses a meta file, pointing to a variable set of trace buffers. Beside reading the trace data, it also provides a set of predefined configurations to the user.

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Graph Designer

The Graph Designer creates applications based on the Movidius SIPP (Streamed Image Processing Pipeline) framework. It allows the user to design a SIPP Pipeline in a graphical user interface and generate source code that can be built with the Movidius Myriad Development Kit tool-chain and run on the Myriad 2 hardware development kit.

The Graph Designer is based on the Eclipse GEF framework using a generic java meta model. The meta model (including filter, attributes, connections, etc.) is extracted from the header files of the MDK tool-chain using the the CDT parser. Alternatively, model elements can be introduced using java script sections. A template systems allows to generate source code from the model in form of headers, source files and makefiles.

About Movidius

Movidius is a vision processor company that designs compact, high-performance, ultralow power, computational imaging and vision processing chips, software, development tools and reference designs. Movidius’ architecture delivers a new wave of intelligent and contextually aware experiences for consumers in mobile and wearable devices, and other consumer and industrial camera applications. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Movidius is a venture-backed company with investors including AIB Seed Capital Fund, Atlantic Bridge, Capital-E, DFJ Esprit and Robert Bosch Venture Capital.

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toem GmbH was founded 2009 and is based in Germany near Duesseldorf.
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