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Integrating into the SLX Toolchain

Silexica provides a complete parallel software development tool suite for programming complex multicore applications. Integrating impulse adds impressive visualization options to the SLX programming tools.
Based on early software performance and power estimation technologies, the tools enable detailed insight into the capabilities of multicore platform architectures even in pre-silicon design stages. Silexica provides custom programming environments, tailored for selected off-the-shelf multicore chips and IP blocks.

Impulse integration

The impulse integration adds impressive visualization options to the SLX programming tools. All decisions of the automatic toolchain are transparent to the user and visualized within the Eclipse based development toolchain. A variety of visualization possibilities are available for deep insights into the target multicore platform such es estimated runtime, process task states and processor utilization.

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About Silexica

Silexica Software Solutions GmbH was founded in late 2014 in Aachen, Germany, as a spin-off from the Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems (ICE) at RWTH Aachen University. It provides programming tools for embedded multicore architectures maximizing performance, power and productivity. Key features are automatic analysis and partitioning of legacy C code as well as an optimal distribution of software tasks to a given architecture.


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